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Unique Party Themes

Updated: Jan 11

Considering a theme for the party you’re planning? Great! Themed events can be a lot of fun, they make amazing photos, and they add an extra element of festivity. Plus, party themes can help with other aspects of your event such as the catering, entertainment, and décor.

However! Be aware that you should spend some real time carefully thinking about the party theme you’re going to go with. The wrong theme can make the entire atmosphere of your event feel forced, awkward, or just funky looking. But with the right one, everyone will get into it and make amazing memories.

Fun Theme Ideas

  • Hot Air Balloon

  • Boho

  • Smorgasburg

  • Around The World

  • Classic Hollywood

  • NASA/ Space

  • Disco

  • Italy Lemon Themed

  • Orange Themed

  • Surfer

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