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Prepping For Your Party

Updated: Jan 11

The big day is approaching. Its the night before and you feel like you're forgetting something. What could it be? Time goes by and it just slipped your mind. Your at your event and just remembered what it was. The Candles! Singing happy birthday without candles seems criminal. A Check List will be your best friend. Staying nice and organized never hurt anyone. Your checklist will be full of helpful reminders and even details about your event. This is a basic check list for your typical event. Lets just say your having it at a Party Hall. This would be a good start to a standard check list.

  • Cups, Plates, Forks, Spoons, Knife, Burners, Extra Aluminum pans

  • Candles & Cake Cutter

  • Goody Bags

  • Drinks, Beer, Wine, Wine opener

  • Tables Cloths & Centerpieces

  • Cake, Sweets

  • Birthday banner, Balloons & Dessert trays

  • Ice for all drinks

  • Scissors, Tape, Marker

  • Prizes for games

  • Seating Cards

  • Containers for leftovers (Doggy Bags)

  • Tips for any vendors/ List Of vendors & phone numbers

Reviewing Details With Party Vendors

Checking in with the vendors you hired is great to do the week of. Any questions you have that you forgot. It's great to do a quick brush up. If the vendors need something its good to make notes on your check list. Like if Party Entertainment needs tables and chairs, its good to know in advance. This way you'll avoid chaos & stress. Its easy to feel overwhelmed at a party.


You could find a free checklist on Pinterest or google. You can find a layout that fits all of your party needs. Print it out & let that be your guide.

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